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Clean Room Fogger

With the constant support of experienced professionals, we are offering optimum quality Clean Room Fogger. We are TechnoValue Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , Prominent & Leading suppliers, dealers, providers, traders and distributor in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The Clean Room Fogger (CRF4), often referred to as a smoke generator or DI water Fogger, using DI Water or WFI water (pharmaceutical water for injection) during a typical 45 minute fog cycle. Water is converted to fog at about 170ml / minute, producing ≈ 1.25 cubic meters of fog / minute and 10-15 visible airflow distance to visualize airflow in pharmaceutical ISO suites, sterile rooms, barrier isolators, compound pharmacies and semiconductor clean rooms. The CRF4 fogger is designed to provide much more fog volume to visualize airflow, patterns and turbulence with on/off fog control. The fog output is about 68 degree F, providing a visible fog vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog) at a nominal 5μm droplet size. 16 Meg Ohm, pure DI water is the typical water used to produce the pure fog. Distilled water or Water for Injection (WFI) can also be used.

The fogger cost is much lower than ultrapure foggers, yet offers as much fog as the lower volume, LN2 foggers. The CRF4 fogger uses 35 ultrasonic transducers converting over 170ml water to fog per minute, providing the highest fog density, and the very best visible airflow of any ultrasonic fogger produced in the world. A Low Water sensor protects the transducers during operation. The display provides water fill level, and the touch pad control allows airflow volume to be adjusted, as well as fog volume produced. The CRF4 fogger enclosure is stainless steel to provide a sturdy external design; while providing water cooling for the internal ultrasonic transducers, and also provides quick, easy wipe down of the fogger after use. A Handle is provided to lift the fogger and help the user when draining water at completion of fog task.

Clean Room Fogger

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