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Environmental Monitoring System

We are TechnoValue Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Leading suppliers, dealers, providers, traders and distributors of Environmental Monitoring System in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Leverage our expertise to enhance your yields and reap multiple rewards of your foresight. Environmental Monitoring System includes Clean Room, Aerosol Monitors, Gas Monitor, Mobile Olfactometer and accessories. The handheld CPC model 3007 offers one-button operation and an easy-to-exchange wick. It is designed to take isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as its working fluid, so it is easy to keep the necessary consumables on-hand. At a weight of 1.7 kg (3.8 lbs), it's perfect for mobile particle number measurement. GrayWolf is transforming how to Measure, Data-Log and Report on worker and general environmental exposure levels. The AdvancedSense TVOC is a powerful data collection tool, packed with on-board application information and advanced documentation features; highly intuitive and Easy-To-Use.

The DustTrak Environmental Monitor(which houses photometer models 8540 and 8543) is a real-time supplement to Federal Reference Method (FRM) data collection that can be deployed remotely in under an hour. Integrated early detection features enable timely mitigation of sources contributing to increased air pollution exposure levels. Whether you work at a construction site, engineering firm or manage the aftermath of wildfires, TSI's DustTrak Environmental Monitor is compatible with a variety of accessories, allowing you to collect the data that matters. The TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitors simultaneously measure particulates and gas concentration in real-time. These monitors measure select toxic gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), relative humidity, temperature and air velocity.

Environmental Monitoring System

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