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Measures light intensity up to 40,000 Foot-candles or 400,000 Lux with high resolution to 0.01 Fc/Lux. Ideal for indoor lighting tests and for checking security and safety illumination in parking garages, night time ATM areas, stairwells, landings, and hallways.

Features and Benefits

•   Relative mode indicates change in light levels 
•   Peak mode capture highest reading 
•   Remote light sensor on 12" (30.5cm) coiled cable — expandable to 24" (61cm) 
•   Utilizes precision photo diode and color correction filter 
•   Cosine and color corrected measurements 
•   Measures up to 40,000Fc/400,000Lux with 0.01 rmax resolution and basic accuracy of ±(5% rdg + 0.5%FS) 
•   MIN/MAX feature stores maximum and minimum readings 
•   Data Hold freezes reading in the display 
•   Large LCD display with analog bargraph 
•   Backlight for readings in low light levels 
•   Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.95 x 1.57" (150 x 75 x 40mm); Weight: 7oz (200g) 
•   Complete with 9V battery, light sensor with protective cover, protective holster, and soft case

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