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TG165 OR TG167

FLIR TG165/TG167

Spot thermal camera

The FLIR TG165 / TG167 Spot Thermal Camera bridge the gap between single spot infrared thermometers and FLIR’s thermal cameras. Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal sensor, the TG165 / TG167 let you see the heat so you know where to reliably measure it. The TG165 is useful for building applications, like HVAC inspections, or locating a warm pipe in a wall. The wider field of view (50° horizontal) makes it easy to frame an entire wall in a single image. The TG167 is primarily designed for indoor electrical inspections; if you are an electrician looking for hotspots in electrical cabinets or switch boxes, the TG167 will produce higher quality images because the camera is optimized for targets in a narrow field of view (25° horizontal). Both versions allow you to store images and download data so that you can document your findings in a report.

See the Heat°™ - Speed Troubleshooting

FLIR’s Innovative Lepton® IR Imaging Engine

  • Instantly shows what’s hot and where to aim
  • Eliminates blind guesswork
  • 24:1 spot size ratio for safer distance measuring

Grab and Go Simplicity

Fire It Up and Get to Work in Seconds

  • Intuitive to operate with no special training required
  • Easily save images and data for documentation
  • Download images fast over USB or from removable micro SD

Rugged and Reliable

Designed for the Harshest Environments

  • Built to withstand a 2 meter drop
  • Covered by FLIR’s exclusive 2-10 warranty
  • Compact and durable to easily stow in a crowded tool bag

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